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The intuitive DMEhub™ e-prescribe platform automates the equipment ordering process to provide a simpler, smoother experience for everyone involved.

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Designed to make your job easier

DMEhub's™ step-by-step platform saves times, increases accuracy, and improves the experience for all parties.


Discharge patients faster using a smart system that gathers information to help prescribers determine qualification and to generate complete, accurate orders.


Forget repetitive data entry, scanning, faxing, and calling. With DMEhub™, you can electronically compile all required documentation and complete orders in less than two minutes.


Save time tracking down providers for more information, while having one central platform to review orders, provide approval, and request additional details.

Superior Logic

DMEhub™ features intelligent "if/then" logic that sorts through hundreds of products to help prescribers determine which ones the patient may qualify to receive, as well as thousands of rules to gather the exact documentation needed to support the patient's specific order.

Complete Documentation

After asking the provider a series of simple questions about the patient’s condition and encounter, DMEhub™ uses those answers to automatically generate complete, accurate orders, then sends the supplier all the information they need in one package.

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Integration with EHR

DMEhub™ integrates with virtually every EHR system to save time, support your case for ordering equipment, and avoid duplicate order entries.

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Never Get Lost

The intuitive workflow of DMEhub™ prompts providers for information in sequential order so they’re never left feeling stuck or confused. Plus, both suppliers and providers have one place they can look to track order status from submission to completion.

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Valuable for Providers

Feel like you’re in a seemingly endless loop of providing documentation to complete orders? Make the experience easier for your staff and patients with DMEhub™.

  • Save time and frustration

  • Improve order accuracy and compliance

  • Reduce rework and paperwork

  • Track order status from submission to completion

Valuable for Suppliers

Frustrated by the back and forth with Providers for the information and documentation you need? DMEhub™ turns the process from tedious to effortless.

  • Receive all documentation in one package

  • Reduce back-and-forth communication

  • Quickly approve orders or request additional details

  • Track order status from submission to completion

Frequently Asked Questions

  • DMEhub™ is a web application designed to streamline your durable medical equipment orders. Through a combination of collecting patient information (from your EHR where possible) and rapid-answer questions driven by intelligent if/then logic, the app helps prescribers determine patient qualifications and produces a list of suggested items to meet the patient's needs. It then generates the order, history of present illness, and other eligibility notes. DMEhub™ compiles the packet of order documentation automatically and electronically sends the order directly to the Supplier chosen by the Provider.

    Providers and Suppliers always have clear visibility to order stage and status. Suppliers receive packaged documentation and can easily fill or refer the order. In the rare case a Supplier needs additional information, the order stays in the system and moves back to the Provider with clear instructions for completion. This process leads to more accurate orders more often and faster fulfillment for patients.

  • DMEhub™ eliminates guesswork and back-and-forth between Providers and Suppliers. You don't need to have thousands of codes and eligibility rules memorized. You won't need to look up qualifications or process notes. You simply answer questions to build a qualified order.

    We break the cycle of sending and receiving incomplete information that delays orders. In turn, faster order fulfillment speeds patient discharge and ensures better adherence to care plans, helping patients to maintain the best level of care possible.

    Suppliers can rely on receiving complete and accurate information, reducing follow-up and wait time to complete orders, and can refer orders with the click of a button.

  • Yes, we can work with virtually any EHR, including interoperability with HL7 connected EHRs.

  • Contact us. We'll provide any information you might need and a dedicated account manager will help you get started.

  • Because of the wide variety of organizational structures and needs, please contact us for specific fee information.

  • Please visit the Password Reset page to change your password if you are locked out of your account.

    If you would like to reset your password while logged in, select the menu in the upper right corner of the screen by clicking on your username. From the user dropdown, click the "Settings" option. Next, choose the "Security" tab and reset your password following the password security guidelines.

    If you're still having trouble, we can help—contact us.

  • It's simple! After logging into DMEhub™, select "Create Order" from the left-hand navigation.

    You can start an order by searching for an existing patient by MRN or PID or by Date of Birth and Last Name. You can also start an order manually if a patient is not in the system.

    After that, the easy-to-follow order steps will guide you through the process of adding or confirming patient information, recording encounter details, and answering questions to build the order. Next, you'll be asked to attach relevant documentation, confirm equipment selections, and finally review and confirm the order for signature.

    Once the order is signed, it will be sent to the supplier for approval and fulfillment.

  • If you have administrative permissions, you can add a user to a Site or Branch within your organization. Once logged into DMEhub™, click the "Administration" tab in the left-hand navigation. Then, click on the Sites (Provider) or Branches (Supplier) tab at the top of the screen.

    From here, click the Site/Branch you would like to add a member to, and then select the "Membership" tab at the top of the screen. Click the "Invitation" section to invite a new user or add an existing user to your Site/Branch. Once a new user has accepted an invitation, you can invite them to other Sites/Branches as well.

    If you need to bulk upload a large number of users, please Contact Us.

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